Kitteeey!!! (say that like Boo does in Monsters, Inc.)

This is Miss Jones.
Her name isn’t really Jones.
But it is.
It’s a long story involving Metallica, a “long-hair” named Mike, crab rangoons, Taco Cabana and the Crate&Barrel stockrooms.

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Photoshop-ing in the shower

I do a lot of good thinking in the shower and perhaps that’s why i take such long showers.

For work, the sales team is going up to DC for a “blitz” and they’re inviting potential clients to a happy hour at a restaurant on the final Saturday afternoon that they’re up there. I was comissioned to create the invitation for said happy hour.

I did and it’s GREAT! I created a background for the invitation that looks like those plastic floor tiles you see in cafeterias and restaurants – my “floor” is yellow and gold, well, two shades of golden yellow, basically.

I used the 3D filter in Illustrator to make them really look like tiles and i was so proud of myself until I realized that because of the filtering effect, the edges of each “tile” were very different than the original object.

The general jist of what I did is copied everything from Illustrator and pasted it into Photoshop. It was an easy fix that I needed so I could make a PDF for the print shop I have to use through work. They only print from PDFs… boo.


I know that the tags/hyperlinks are not set up correctly as of now, but when I figure out how to do that, I’ll fix ’em. Also, the TIMES on all of these posts seems to be WAY off! I’ll work on that too.

tweet, tweet.

I have a really cool job.

This week I’m working on getting aquainted with various types of “social media” – thus, this new blog. I signed up for twitter a few weeks ago and haven’t made much time for it. I haven’t figured out why yet. Perhaps it’s because I always fee the need to write more than only 120 or 140 characters – whatever it is. When I get in a mood to put thought out there, they come out “en masse.”

Anyway, back to work: a new function of my job as “communications manager” is to be informed of new ways to reach the public. I work for the city. (I don’t know if I feel like saying what city just yet.) Last month I went to a conference about “Public Relations in the New Media World”. It was eye-opening and inspiring to get into this new type of media. Also, I like that at the office, I’m kinda the official “youngster” of the group and people turn to me when they have questions about how to do something “new” as it relates to the internet or the computer. I also really enjoy all of the design work I get to do using the Adobe Creative Suite! Dude, InDesign ROCKS my face off!!!

So today, here’s my third post on this blog and I might not be done yet. I like messing with the design and layout and figuring out the new ways to work it. It’s very different than myspace or facebook (thank god) and perhaps that’s the draw over twitter. Twitter is very small – but then I suppose that’s precisely why some people are more inclined to tweet than blog.

Obama Campaign ’08 (and my political views…)

CNN, Time, Hello Kitty Hell, and WikiHow are on my iGoogle homepage here at work. I check the daily (and in fact, sometimes hourly updated) top three headlines on each of them.

Today, one of the headlines on the CNN section was “Martin: How Obama can get beyond Rev. Wright.” I’m completely intrigued with Obama’s campaign this year. There’s never been a campaign like this in our history – regardless of the fact that he’s not a white man.

Roland S. Martin wrote this “how-to” to Obama about what his next campaign moves should be. I’m intrigued with Martin’s knowledge of and seemingly obvious plan for Obama’s campaign. While reading the article I found myself thinking, “Well, duh; clearly he should do that!”

I read up on the campaign (mostly Obama’s because, again, I’m completely intrigued with it) but I don’t do anything exactly. I’ve discussed it with a few people here and there, but quite frankly, I’m a bit afraid of the backlash against Obama supporters. I feel pretty strongly about some of the issues brought up in this year’s presidential race – they’re pretty personal to me. As with religion, I don’t want to discuss them with just anybody. I don’t want people to try to convince me that I’m wrong or to see the flip side. I want people to listen when they ask me what I think.

That’s the beauty of the blog, you see. I can speak and ignore any and every comment if I want to or just block them all together. That said, I DO want to talk about the issues, I just haven’t found the right forum, so this is helping.

A few years ago I was teaching high school. When I learned that they’d disolved my position I was too upset to tell my students in person, so I created a myspace page to tell them that I was leaving. The problem with myspace is that it became annoying and way too interactive for someone who’s already graduated from high school…

Anyway, for now, I’ll sum all of my ramblings up by saying that I’m interested in learning about the presdential campaign. I am interested in discussing the issues and the candidates, but I don’t want to feel like I have to go to Snopes to figure out of someone is telling me the truth or not. I want opinions, but not preechy speeches intended to change my mind. If you succeed in making me think, I have respect for you; pissing me off is just annoying. I want to get more facts about what everybody “plans” on doing if elected. I want to be informed when I vote, not . I guess I should get registered again, huh…